Top Graduate Schools

Fortune Education is designed to be your guide to navigating this new, rich and somewhat overwhelming world of education. Our team of experienced editors is committed to scouring the universe of online offerings in order to rank, rate, provide comparisons and recommend the right solutions for you and your career.

Top Business Schools

How do we know the MBA isn’t dead? Money talks. In 2020, recruiters reported shelling out $115,000 median salaries to top MBA graduates, or 70% more than they paid top bachelor’s degree recipients. Not only is the MBA alive and well—it’s thriving.

Top Information Technology & Data Schools

Amid growing demand for data-savvy professionals, master’s degrees in data and information technology fields continue to grow in popularity. For those people seeking a flexible way to break into this burgeoning space, Fortune has compiled a list of the best master’s degree programs in data science (both online and in-person), cybersecurity (both online and in-person), and computer science. If you would like to know more about how your institution can be included in future rankings, you can contact us by emailing

Top Health Schools

The healthcare sector—and the demand for health care professionals— has garnered a lot of attention in the past few years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. For those looking for a path into one of the many fast-growing occupations in this sector, Fortune has ranked online master’s degree programs in the areas of psychology, public health, and nursing. In total, we ranked 15 online master’s in public health programs, nine online master’s in psychology programs, and 44 online master’s in nursing programs.

Top Leadership Schools

Today’s leaders are faced with new challenges, which means they must seek new solutions. One way to elevate leadership skills and find improved ways to run an organization is to enroll in a degree program designed to do just that. For those seeking the next step in advancing their organizational leadership potential, Fortune compiled a list of the top online doctorate of education (Ed.D.) in organizational leadership degree programs. In total, we ranked eight Ed.D. in organizational leadership programs in 2022-2023.


Between never-before-seen levels of cybersecurity threats and the massive potential of data-driven business strategy, tech skills are in high demand. To acquire the necessary skills to help quell this demand, you don’t necessarily need to earn a degree. Bootcamps are a viable way to launch your career in a technical field or enhance your skill set for the modern business landscape. That’s why Fortune has compiled a list of the best data science and analytics bootcamps and a list of the best cybersecurity bootcamps for 2023. In total, we evaluated 23 cybersecurity bootcamp options and 25 data science and analytics bootcamp options. If you’d like your institution to be considered for future Best Boot Camp lists, please email

Leading Boarding Schools and Advisors

Education is one of the key determinants of a successful future, and determining where to send your child to boarding school can be overwhelming. To help you figure out which boarding school is the best option for you and your family, Fortune and market research company Statista have teamed up to compile a list of 250 of the world’s leading boarding schools and a list of 25 of the top boarding school advisors.

World’s Leading Boarding Schools in 2023


Top Boarding School Advisors in 2023


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